Landscape and Nature

Capturing images that showcase the beauty of nature is a passion of mine. Whether it is in the fine details of tiny fragile leaves, or the stunning vistas of distant landscapes. Embracing the wild and capturing the untamed gives a glimpse of the gorgeous world we are lucky to inhabit.

Waterfall at Creve Couer Park
Macrophoto of clovers in a field
ocean wave crashing on the shore
knotted moss covered roots in dark forest
Jellyfish cast in a deep blue light
Astrophotography of the Milky Way Galaxy
A clownfish swims amongst the coral
Macrophoto of foliage in a field
Astrophotography of the Milky Way Galaxy
A pair of pine cones cast in golden light
Jellyfish floating serenely in the open blue water
A dark forest pathway lined with verdant green trees
Close up of the bark of a tree
Macrophoto of a tiny red flower
Sunrise over the Gulf Shores skyline