Meet Eddie

Hey there! My name is Eddie Nance, and I am a portrait photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri.

I firmly believe that photography can capture the beauty of this world, and the people in it. Everyone has their own unique brand of beauty and essence that can be seen through the eye of the lens. "Capturing life's beautiful moments." That's the mantra of E. A. Nance Photography, and the ideal that I uphold throughout all my artistic endeavors.

My biggest passions in photography are in portraiture and boudoir. I strive to empower my clients though showing them their natural beauty. Producing images that show my clients that they are beautiful, they are stunning, and they are capable of anything is what I am all about. I want every client to leave our sessions feeling empowered, confident, and loving themselves more than the day before.

If you're looking to make a dream shoot come true, hit the "contact me" button and we'll start making it happen!

Photographer and Boudoir Portrait artist Eddie Nance stands on a bridge with a brown leather suitcase in hand.

Photo taken by Corry Mains