Bodyscaping is a form of Fine Art photography. Utilizing a very low key set up, and dramatic lighting, you create beautiful silhouettes of the body. The way the light dances across the natural curves and valleys in the body creates an ethereal and alluring effect. The results are stunning images that truly embrace the beauty of ones own skin.

A bodyscape low key image of a mans legs and abdomen
A bodyscape image of a womans bare chest, the light barely caressing the edge of her skin
A low key bodyscape image of a mans legs and crotch in fishnets and underwear
A bodyscape low key lighting image of a woman's breasts and arched back
a close up detail shot of beads of water on a woman's bare stomach
a fine art shot of a low key lit woman's body as seen from the back
A shot down the torso of a bare chested woman lit in low key lighting
A low key bodyscape image of a woman's legs spread viewed from above
A close up detail bodyscape image of a woman caressing her breasts
A low key bodyscape lighting image of a mans backside
A closeup bodyscape image of a woman's legs and pubic area
A low key lit image of a woman's back and butt
A man sits in the dark lit by a single light from the side, scaping his back muscles and shoulders
A dark lit image of a man down his torso into the dark shadows between his legs
A low key bodyscape shot of a woman down the body, the bottom half of her face at the bottom of the frame