Boho Shoot

Boho Chic is my aesthetic. Hardcore. This was an awesome shoot put on by a photography group at Forest Park. Got to work with several wonderful models and collaborate and learn from some amazing photographers!

A beautiful model hides a smile and laugh behind her hand in a boho chic outfit
A gorgeous model looks longingly across a bridge in a bohemian dress and hat
A gorgeous model stands, hat in hand in a boho chic outfit
A young boy lays among the grass fields
a woman dances, her skirt twirling in the wind amongst a beautiful field
a young boy sits in a wicker chair, with a boho chic style fedora adorning his head
a young male model stares off camera on the sides of a bridge
A gorgeous model stands draped across the metal bars of a bridge. Dressed in a boho chic attire
A beautiful model stands on a bridge, wicker hat in hand
A stunning model stands in the golden light amongst greenery. She wears a bohemian chic outfit
a male model stands on a bridge, brown leather suitcase in hand
a beautiful model stands among yellow wheat grass, staring longingly
A beautiful model portrays a boho chic outfit and hat
a young male model lays among the grassy fields
A beautiful model sits on a wicker chair, dressed in a boho chic skirt and top with a sunhat upon her head